Fiji Humanitarian Aid

The Ranchhod Foundation ventures to Fiji often with the vision of helping those in need. With this in mind, we were able to carry out an array of charitable works with our young family.  We visit Fiji periodically to sustain the works we started since 2014.

Nadi Squatters

Deep within the outskirts of Nadi town are what is known as “squatters”.  They are extremely basic accommodation for those who cannot afford much else, from disabled, to elderly, to those whom have simply been neglected.  They live on very basic needs, if that, however have the biggest and warmest smiles to offer.  The Ranchhod Foundation periodically package up a number of boxes with basic food and cleaning items, which included rice, flour, oil, salt, potatoes, onions, cleansing soap, clothes washing soap, etc. and distribute these boxes to the most needy of them all. This is truly a heart-warming experience and one that will stay with us for a long time.



Donations of Wheelchairs and Other Medical Aids

The Ranchhod Foundation is dedicated in assisting those with physical and mental disabilities. We have donated appropriate medical aids and supplies to the Suva Public Hospital, Golden Age Elderly Care Home and personal recipients.  We would like to thank Amit Patel in this respect. Being a well-respected local in Fiji, he has passionately and voluntarily sought the best supplier for these wheelchairs and other aids and ensures they are delivered to the most needed people and organisations.




Loloma Orphanage and Care Centre

This home houses 27 orphans and refuged women, in a effort to care and educate them back in society.  They are in great need of basic everyday items such as clothes and groceries.  They live in minimal conditions, however the founder – Laite – continues to pour her heart and soul into helping these children and mothers.



Golden Age Retirement Home

The Golden Age retirement home is a care services home for elderly and disabled in Latoka, Fiji.  The home survives on very basic necessities, however offers all that they can to the residents of the home. The Ranchhod Foundation provided clothes, a juicer, a 15-cup rice cooker and other basic necessities to the home.