School Water Projects with World Vision

The Ranchhod Foundation’s exciting partnership with World Vision

The Ranchhod Foundation has established a new and exciting partnership with international humanitarian aid agency World Vision. Like the Foundation, World Vision is committed to the betterment of humankind. It is a child focused organisation, dedicated to overcoming poverty and injustice globally.

The Foundation has embarked on a project with World Vision to install water filtration units into schools in Mumbai West with the aim of improving access to clean potable water to school children. The filtration units will prevent sickness and in turn, improve school attendance. More than 3,000 children currently enrolled are set to directly benefit.

The Foundation has agreed to contribute NZ$15,000, which will be used to install water filtration units into three schools; namely, Jai Maharasthtra Ganesh maidan BMC School, P & Saha Vidya Mandir School, and Meghwadi BMC Hindi School.  Further funding is required to install water filteration units into more schools.

A representative from the Ranchhod Foundation visited the project in early 2012 to assess project progress and learn more about the work of World Vision.


Below are some photos of the current state of the three Schools that the water projects are being implemenented.  The water is currently poorly stored, often in toilet areas, and used for drinking.

We look forward to seeing the progress of the water projects, and will post updated photos as they become available.



If you would like to help Ranchhod Foundation and World Vision complete this project by donating, please contact Charmian Oh, Development Partners Manager at

For more information about World Vision visit its website here.